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Cetheus' project management services ensure clients' projects run smoothly and deliver expected results. Our proven methodology and skilled, experienced project managers are the reasons many of our clients have relied on us to manage their projects.


Cetheus' implementation methodology is strictly guided our principles in providing immediate returns and value to our clients. Our project management and implementation methodology is also designed to ensure that high levels of expectations are being achieved.

Our Implementation Methodology is divided into the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Justification (Business Case Assessment)
  • Phase 2: Planning (Infrastructure & Project Planning)
  • Phase 3: Business Analysis (Project Requirements, Data Analysis, Prototyping)
  • Phase 4: Design (ETL, Database, Repository)
  • Phase 5: Development (ETL, Application, Data)
  • Phase 6: Deployment (Implementation & Testing)
See an expanded version of Cetheus Implementation Metholodogy
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