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Cetheus' Consultants and Application Specialists assists organizations in maintaining the integrity of their data and ensure their databases' reliability and interoperability with the software applications they support.

Our Consultants and Application Specialists possess ample experience in database analysis and administration, data migrations and integration technologies.

Data warehouse is about transforming fragmented data from throughout the organisation into a strategic business asset that provides insight and meaningful information. At Cetheus, we help companies to structure their information so that it can be retrieved, reported and analysed by decision-makers within the company.

Following our management and implementation methodology, we work with clients to gain a clear understanding of business and technical requirements. We then define the appropriate architecture and solution for the data warehouse and begin incremental construction. After the completion of project, our team of technical support will work closely with client's IT team and ensure the completed implementation works smoothly and perfectly in the production environment.

At Cetheus, we've designed and optimised our own methodology especially for building data warehouses and their applications. We bring the right technology and techniques to every job - whether it's creating a colossal data warehouse from scratch or adding a new application to an existing environment.

As data warehousing is a user-centric process, we guarantee the success of our data warehouses by:

  • Fostering user involvement and commitment
  • Establishing an agreed-upon, real-world business model
  • Striving to exceed client expectations on every engagement

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