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In today's fast-paced, information-based economy, organizations require effective data warehouse systems to maintain competitive advantage. Cetheus has worked with numerous top organizations to provide customized enterprise data warehousing solutions to optimize data for end-user query, analysis and reporting.


Companies now have more data - much more - than ever before. Unfortunately, although gathering data is relatively easy, benefiting from it on a single, consolidated view of corporate data is much more complicated. Ultimately, data only brings value when it increases insight - and that requires the ability to integrate, visualize and track any type of data, in any quantity, to and from any platform, in a timely way. In short, organizations probably already have the data they need - but not the visibility that would enable them to make sense of and leverage that data.

The Data warehouse solutions from Cetheus are designed to be flexible and scalable to support large enterprise data warehouses from which users can access and leverage on their data easily, analyze trends and respond to opportunities and threats effectively.

Cetheus has acquired the expertise and experience to design, architecture, implement and support simple or sophisticated data warehouse system via successful implementation in more than 100 customer sites. Our professional consultants are in the position to provide you with the unprecedented product experience and technical insight to help you plan, build and maintain these solutions successfully.


Companies are looking for means to integrate vast amount of heterogeneous data from disparate sources in order to support strategic IT initiatives such as Business Intelligence or Business Performance Management. However, each time business processes change and the implementation changes require the integration technology change as well. This always lead to daunting and complex task that is often time consuming and riddled with cost overruns.

Cetheus' solution in Data Integration is one of the most innovative solutions available. The primary issues with the conventional data integration approach which are productivity / maintainability, performance and cost can be unraveled with a broad spectrum of Cetheus' solutions in data integration. By having a unified, modular platform for integration, Cetheus' unique business-rules-driven data integration approach enables rapid and simpler development and maintenance, address pernicious problem of poor data quality, and helps ensure that your integration projects will be completed on-spec, on-time and on-budget. Given the comprehensive corporate performance information, this helps enterprises to achieve dramatic improvements in market capture, cost effectiveness and competitiveness.
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