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Legacy of different enterprise applications resulted many business critical information scattered separately and often, business users need to search information thru different places in order to consolidate a comprehensive view of entire organization performance.

Inspired from aircraft cockpit's instrument panel, a new breed of enterprise executive dashboard technology is emerging which allows users to gather, analyze data from multiple sources simultaneously and dynamically read-out business-critical information that drives organization performance within a single interface to compete today's information-based climate.

Consisting of a collection of gauges, an enterprise dashboard intelligently gathers, processes and presents data, generating alerts and revising actions when business-critical information falls outside of specification all in one handy place. By incorporating information that flows from enterprise-resource planning (ERP), customer-relationship management (CRM) and many other enterprise applications, critical information (for instance Sales figures, inventory, employee performance and absenteeism, and revenue) is represented by gauges respectively and is periodically refreshed to reflect the current state of affairs.

According to Shadan Malik, author of Enterprise Dashboards, Design and Best Practices for IT, an Executive Dashboard has to be SMART IMPACT, which is the acronym of the following important elements:

  • Synergetic - Information are synergized from different aspects and delivered to users with intuitive data visualization within a single screen view
  • Monitor KPIs - Critical KPIs is displayed and serve up for business users to derive "informed" decision
  • Accurate - The information presented on the dashboard need to be audited before publishing for organization-wide dissemination to ensure accuracy and increase user confidence
  • Responsive - Dashboard needs to be responsive to predefined thresholds. Alerts in form of emails, blinkers and sound alarms can be sent to users in addition to the visual presentation on the dashboard draw immediate user attention to critical matters
  • Timely - The information displayed normally will be real-time, if not, most current to allow effective decision making
  • Interactive - Dashboard should allow users to perform drill down and scrutinize detailed information of root causes
  • More Data History - The dashboard should allow users to review the historical data for trend analysis
  • Personalized - Personalization on dashboard presentation should be specific according to user's domain of responsibility, privileges, data authorization and etc. Other personalization includes visual preferences for colors and background style to enhance greater user experience
  • Analytical - Dashboard allows users to perform business analytics such as drill-down, trend analysis, compare, contrast, and make analytical inferences. Dashboard facilitates better business comprehension within a set of inter-relative business variables
  • Collaborative - Serving as a communication platform, dashboard facilitates users' ability to exchange notes regarding specific observations on their dashboards, workflow checks, process controls, knowledge sharing and file sharing
  • Trackability - The dashboard will have the ability to track the progress of corporate performance, including initiatives and processes, benchmarking, target timeline and expectation

See an expanded version of the SMART IMPACT by Shadan Malik


Cetheus' Enterprise Executive Dashboard leverages on existing IT environment and takes advantage of Web-based technologies to deliver business-critical information that is periodically refreshed. By delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, executives or managers therefore can now use dashboards to gain greater agility to respond in more turbulent environment.

Full utilization on existing infrastructure and ease of deployment, Cetheus' Enterprise Executive Dashboard solution makes deployment a breeze, eliminating the need for additional server hardware and infrastructure. Cetheus' Enterprise Executive Dashboard ensures measurable ROI and epitomizes the next generation of business intelligence tools.

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