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Solutions Overview
Products Overview

Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Sunopsis range of products can help you to fulfill your requirements and specifications in implementing the following projects for your company:
  • Data Warehousing
  • Application Integration
  • Migration

Sunopsis Data Conductor is a powerful ETL solution that meets the toughest data integration challenges today, and helps streamline future integration initiatives. Data Conductor is used for loading Data Warehouses and Data Marts, and for migrating data between heterogeneous systems.

  • A Business-rules-driven Approach to Data Integration
  • ELT Architecture
  • Common Integration Platform
  • Advanced Data Integration
  • Optimized Production Environment
  • Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership and Best ROI

The Sunopsis Active Integration Platform is the only integration platform that unifies data-, event- and service-based integration with a single user interface and a common business rules driven approach. The Active Integration Platform enables the enterprise to present a single view of its Information Systems, with a unified access model by combining the following components:
  • The Active Integration Hub
  • Data Oriented Integration
  • Event Oriented Integration
  • Service Oriented Integration
  • Rapid Implementation and Maintenance for all Integration Projects
  • Optimized Production Environment
  • Fastest Return-on-Investment/li>
For more information, please visit www.sunopsis.com

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