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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

RPM Balanced Scorecard
Cetheusí RPM Balanced Scorecard is designed based on Kaplan and Nortonís Balanced Scorecard concept framework and this framework emphasizes the performance evaluation from four perspectives in any organization; Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes, and Organizational Learning and Growth.

RPM Balanced Scorecard provides an approach which can integrate any organizationís strategic business objectives with balanced performance measures as a basis for monitoring planned achievement whilst offering an indication for future performance.
RPM Key Performance Indicator Scorecard Performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the essential elements which will be used to determine if the organization is progressing towards achieving its vision. By tying planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, execution, and monitoring to specific business responsibilities, owners can be assigned to monitor progress and respond to changes in timely manner. This structure provides every employee with a clear understanding of the organization vision and strategy and, specifically on how their role or function fits into the big picture.

Cetheusí RPM KPI Scorecard gives the organization and each user potent support for business processes which allows your organization to be driven by ownership and responsibility for achievements.
Radius Business Analytics

Disparate legacy solutions and IT processes provide limited visibility into the business. In today's ultra-competitive landscape, the need for enhanced operational visibility and agility has emerged as a top corporate priority for many businesses. To maintain productivity and profitability, business owners must leverage data and information to plan and analyze operations, determine shifting market demands, collaborate with suppliers, and track consumer trends.

Radius Business Analytics is a comprehensive set of industry-specific analtic applications designed to drive performance and support decision making processes. It is an analytical platform that translates data into consistent, menaningful and actionable information that help businesses to fully leverage their data across the entreprise.
Radius Executive Dashboard (RED) A well-established management principle points out that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. However, you cannot manage well what you cannot monitor. To that need, organizations are turning into the dashboard technology as a new face of information management capable of providing clear visibility to steer through the thick clouds of data overload so that correct information is delivered to the right people in a comprehensive format to command competitive business advantage.

Cetheusí Radius Executive Dashboard is a data visualization tool that consolidates critical KPIs for businesses on a single screen with rich graphical representation. It is designed to be a monitoring tool for users to scrutinize performance towards achieving enterprise goals.
Cetheus Business Analyzer (CBA) While there are many facets to being adaptive, having access to the right information at the right time to drive decisions is essential. Enterprises are searching for means on how to leverage on goldmines of data to obtain critical insights into business performance and become truly adaptive. Most organizations have legacy systems in place to capture and store mountains of data; few have concentrated on accelerating the conversion of that data into actionable information.

Cetheusí Cetheus Business Analyzer is a business analytic tool that is designed to improve business decision making. CBA enables fast, consistent and interactive access to a wide variety of possible views of information. It employs On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to assist users to perform ad hoc analysis of data in multiple dimensions, thereby providing the insights and understanding they need for better decision making.

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