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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Cetheus MSC strives to deliver the most comprehensive and flexible products and solutions within the Business Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse marketplace. Its products and solutions ranges from Balanced Scorecard Applications to Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Customers from a variety of industries and departments have chosen Cetheus as its preferred vendor for obvious reasons – to improve performance, boost productivity and transforming business data into actionable information.

Business Performance Management (BPM) To be effective in a global economy with dynamic market conditions and increasingly competitive environment, the needs to address business challenges, will compel enterprise to demand performance that is consistent, repeatable and auditable. To achieve such performance requires establishing a high level of control over business practices and processes.

" Business Performance Management describes the methodologies, metrics, processes and systems used to monitor and manage and optimize the business performance of an organization.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business Intelligence technology is designed to automate consolidation, analysis, presentation, reporting and compliance capabilities necessary to unlock enterprise data for actionable insights.

The Gartner Group coined the term business intelligence in the mid-1990s and defined it as follows:

“An interactive process for exploring and analyzing structured and domain-specific information to discern trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing conclusions. The business intelligence process includes communicating findings and effecting change”.

Data Warehouse & Data Integration (DW/DI)
Cetheus’ solution in Data Integration is one of the most innovative solutions available. The primary issues with the conventional data integration approach which are productivity / maintainability, performance and cost can be unraveled with a broad spectrum of Cetheus’ solutions in data integration.

By having a unified, modular platform for integration, Cetheus’ unique business-rules-driven data integration approach enables rapid and simpler development and maintenance, address pernicious problem of poor data quality, and helps ensure that your integration projects will be completed on-spec, on-time and on-budget.

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