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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Derived from an organization's vision, strategy is at the heart of its processes. To be competitive in the global economy with rapidly shifting market conditions, and quick and nimble competitors, the formulation and implementation of strategy must become a recurrent and contributory process. However, a lot of companies failed to marry their visions to strategies, leading to optimization challenges of its resources.

Cetheus' RPM Balanced Scorecard is designed based on Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard concept framework and this framework emphasizes the performance evaluation from four perspectives in any organization; Financial, Customer, Internal Business Processes, and Organizational Learning and Growth. RPM Balanced Scorecard provides an approach which can integrate any organization's strategic business objectives with balanced performance measures as a basis for monitoring planned achievement whilst offering an indication for future performance.

  • Organization Chart - allows business users to cascade the business units, enabling decomposition view of business units' strategy alignment towards the organization ultimate vision
  • Balanced Scorecard - understanding key business drivers from a "balanced" set of performance measures
  • Strategy Map - describe how an organization creates value by connecting strategic objectives in explicit Cause & Effects relationship
  • Performance Health Indicator - Comprehend business performance with color-coded health indicators
  • Enhanced Collaboration - RPM instill organization transparency and improve communication within the entire organization with Email, Forum, File Sharing and Exporting services
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