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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

As information fuels the new economy, it is important that correct information is being delivered to the right people in a comprehensive format to command competitive business advantage. This calls for the need to manage information in a way capable of providing clear visibility to steer through the thick clouds of data overload.

A well-established management principle points out that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. However, you cannot manage well what you cannot monitor. To that need, organizations are turning into the dashboard technology as a new face of information management.

Cetheus’ RED delivers enterprise-class software technology that transforms the data in corporate databases and data warehouses into dynamic, interactive displays of visual information. Applying its acclaimed data visualization technology to business data, RED has enabled a new class of business visualization applications.

RED includes a powerful graphics display engine, visual charts, sophisticated visual data representations, interactive data selection, and data integration tools. Its rich collection of charting and graphing technologies provides interactive visualization for both data discovery and presentation-quality graphics.

The primary objective of dashboard is to monitor the performance of processes in business areas such as Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and etc. Users may use RED to construct:

  • Operational dashboards - Operational dashboard tracks operational processes. Operational dashboards emphasize monitoring more than analysis or management.
  • Tactical dashboards - Tactical dashboard tracks departmental processes and projects. Tactical dashboard emphasizes analysis more than monitoring or management.

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