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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Many sales-intensive businesses today face a wide variety of challenges and fierce competitive environment. The increasingly high cost in supply chain, lost of sales opportunities, low margins and high volatility in businesses demands for faster and accurate decision making.

Rigorous analysis and informed decision is imperative, especially in fast-moving information-driven economy, as these will impact the customers, sales and profit growth opportunities as well as business operations in most industries.

Disparate legacy solutions and IT processes provide limited visibility into the business. In today's ultra-competitive landscape, the need for enhanced operational visibility and agility has emerged as a top corporate priority for many businesses. To maintain productivity and profitability, business owners must leverage data and information in order to plan and analyze operations, determine shifting market demands, collaborate with suppliers, and track consumer trends.

Radius - Sales Analytics consists of a comprehensive set of industry-specific analytic applications designed to drive performance and support decision making processes. It is an analytical platform that translates data into consistent, meaningful and actionable information that help businesses to fully leverage their data across the enterprise. With its industry-benchmarked key metrics and performance indicators, it provides business owners the control to establish corporate growth and financial goals by ensuring consistent adherence to objectives across functional areas-Channel Performances, Product Trends, Inventory Statuses and many more.

Radius - Sales Analytics is structured around the important function areas that play an essential role in sales-intensive businesses. It facilitates decision makers to consolidate enterprise-wide strategies and allows them to suit the demand of dynamic shifting sales-intensive industry.

  • Sales Analysis - Comprehend channel sales performance from different dimensions
  • Supplier Analysis - Evaluate suppliers' contribution to sales, margins and purchases and enhance relationships based on their track records
  • Product Analysis - Helps to influence and drive product-mix decisions, such as promotional cycles, initial allocations, replenishment of orders, and assortment planning by store
  • Inventory Analysis - Optimize inventory level, minimize out-of-stocks and manage inventory costs through item movement analysis
  • Customer Analysis - Creating cross-sell / up-sell opportunities and develop better targeted marketing campaign
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