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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Competitive environments and the constant need for businesses to adapt to rapidly changing market demands have increased the needs for operational visibility into business data. In crowded markets with competitors jostling for customers, organizations that leverage on their data assets and draw out business insights will have the competitive advantage. Organizations are looking for ways to optimize the collection of data from multiple sources and translate into meaningful information to better understanding business processes, monitoring business key performance indicators, take proactive response and unlock business opportunities.

In today's highly competitive environment, being able to react and rapidly charter next course of actions is key to business sustainability and profitability.These demands from the market to dictate the adoption of Business Analytics software. Business Analytics, reach beyond the traditional Business Intelligence could offer, provides a holistic approach for organizations to gain new business insight in a more effective and efficient manner.

The traditional BI solutions include providing dashboards and reporting to monitor the assumptions and key performance metrics whereas Business Analytics, provides the interaction with information, enabling decision makers to analyze and discover data and follow through with the appropriate action at the speed of business.

Introducing Cetheus' Business Analytics solutions, RADIUS analytics suite, fulfill the market demands and help organizations to drive performance to next level by closely monitoring business performance at fingertips.

This pre-packaged web-based business analytics solution suite, features Radius Business Analyzer's functionalities and coupled with security module, allowing the right information to be delivered to the authorized user at the right time. RADIUS analytics suite specially tailored for different industries, namely the Financial Analytics, Sales Analytics, Human Resource Analytics and Contact Centre Analytics, provides pre-built industry-oriented key performance indicators reports as well as best-practices reports. Common business performance indicators in each industry are pre-specified, thus allowing rapid implementation and accelerate decision making process whereby user will now make informed decision based on fact data provided.
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