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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Your organization will only achieve results when processes, initiatives and plans are turned into action. The establishment of key performance indicators and cascading them to every level of employee would require high accountability in each individual in order to accelerate towards the organization's goal. Many cases, the recurrent process of tracking the processes and initiatives manually is considered a tedious task as manual tracking system would normally lead to inaccuracy, inconsistent and time-consuming.

Cetheus' RPM KPI Scorecard is designed to provide powerful support for communication, management and follow-up of the actions and initiatives needed to attain organizational goals.

Performance metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the essential elements which will be used to determine if the organization is progressing towards achieving its vision. By tying planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, execution, and monitoring to specific business responsibilities, owners can be assigned to monitor progress and respond to changes in timely manner. This structure provides every employee with a clear understanding of the organization vision and strategy and, specifically on how their role or function fits into the big picture. Cetheus' RPM KPI Scorecard gives the organization and each user potent support for business processes which allows your organization to be driven by ownership and responsibility for achievements.

  • KPI Scorecard - allows business users to understand the company's overall progress based on the Actual, Target, % Variance of top-line KPIs and Trend Analysis over time
  • Weighted Score for Remuneration Package - The weighted score calculated can be linked to Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for better remuneration packages and bonuses based on the employee performance in realizing the communicated performance target
  • Versioning - Versioning provides capability to create multiple versions for all KPIs assigned. The version control mechanism ensures that all users can track the change history of a particular KPI and its ownership over different periods
  • Departmental View - Quickly review department performance KPIs and performance index, examine inter-departmental comparison, identify changes of significance and areas of performance improvement opportunity
  • Performance Health indicators - Comprehend performance with color-coded health indicators, alert users when a KPI veer too much off the target
  • Enhanced Collaboration - RPM instill organization transparency and improve communication within the entire organization with Email, Forum, File sharing and Exporting services. Example, the owner of a KPI in the red zone can enter an explanation, so that everyone can better understand the reasons behind the problem and what action is being taken when viewing the data, improving information interactivity
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