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Real Performance Management Radius Business Analytics

Competitive environments and the constant need for businesses to adapt to rapidly changing market demands have increased the needs for operational visibility into business data. In today's highly competitive environment, being able to react and rapidly charter next course of actions is key to business sustainability and profitability.

While there are many facets to being adaptive, having access to the right information at the right time to drive decisions is essential. Enterprises are searching for means on how to leverage on goldmines of data to obtain critical insights into business performance and become truly adaptive. Most organizations have legacy systems in place to capture and store mountains of data; few have concentrated on accelerating the conversion of that data into actionable information.

A front-end OLAP analysis tool, CBA provides quick access to the pulse of business within the context of a single, unified integrated interface. CBA allows users to view and interrogate large volumes of data from different perspectives, hence optimizing the collection of enterprise data and translating them into actionable information.

Typical of CBA applications are in business reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas.

One of CBAs redeeming highlights is its ability to provide multidimensional summarized insights and allowing users to gain in-depth understanding and results from complex data.

  • Trend Analysis - With CBA, users will be able to comprehend growth or changes by evaluating recent information in context with historical data in time series. Trends and exceptions can be recognized instantly with intuitive graphs.
  • Root Cause Analysis - In addition to providing high level summarized information, CBA unfolds underlying data by allowing users to perform “root cause” analysis. Critical drivers can be sliced and diced to scrutinize complex data in uncovering answers to root causes.

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