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Over the past decade, ITApps has empowered more than 400 corporations, from leading multi-nationals to SMEs, to stand competitive and customer-focused with its leading-edge technologies and cost effective contact center solutions.

Today, ITApps is one of the leading provider and full service consulting company specializing in IP communications, contact center solutions, performance optimization, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

The impetus demands for contact center solutions with business performance management have resulted in the collaboration between Cetheus and ITApps. The combination of both parties has successfully created efficiencies and added additional business values to respective customers with best-in-class contact center solutions enhanced with business analytics and fundamental reporting features.

  • Business performance management deployment with Contact Center Solutions and CRM Applications
  • Combined expertise from Cetheus and ITApps for industry best practice
  • Minimal solution customization and rapid deployment
For more information, please visit www.itapps.com

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