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Hyperion is the global leader in business performance management software that enables companies to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution and gain insight to improve financial and operational performance.

Hyperion provides businesses the visibility into how their business are performing and to help them plan and model to improve performance. The comprehensiveness, functionality and flexibility in one system-Hyperion® System™ 9 helps increase productivity and extend performance management everywhere.

Cetheus' participation in Hyperion Global Partner Program as one of its consulting reseller partners has established a teaming approach to Business Performance Management implementations that provides clients with the best in functional expertise and technical product resources. Cetheus' consulting expertise and Hyperion software provide the basis for BPM. Linking all parts of the management cycle, Cetheus and Hyperion help organizations identify, evaluate, capture, and share intellectual capital, providing organizations with a world-class framework for measuring and managing performance, driving profitability, and complying with accounting and reporting standards.

  • Translate strategic objectives into actionable, measurable metrics for the entire enterprise
  • Improve the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and transparency of financial information and reporting
  • Instill accountability by enabling end users in all departments, divisions and management levels to manage common metrics, which are essential to company growth
  • Anticipate results and manage the enterprise effectively, allowing smoother operations and align executions to strategies & objectives
  • Cost-efficient
For more information, please visit www.hyperion.com
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