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22 Nov 2005, Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Traditionally, the assessment of HR is fairly on its ability to reduce costs of the HR processes instead of result-oriented. However, human capital is now recognized as a strategic source of value creation for the corporation to remain competitive in the ever-changing environment. In such context, it is crucial to be able to measure the degree of alignment between the HR strategies with the organization's strategies to create such a value on human capital.

Following the PSMB 2005 Conference , which focused on the extensive subjects on Human Capital Resources, Cetheus MSC collaborated with KaizenHR (a HRM solution provider) to organize a seminar on "Aligning Human Capital to Organizational Strategy" to provide a more cohesive understanding to the above subject. The essence of this 'by-invitation' seminar embraces several key elements governing the challenges in Human Capital Development and how it aligns to overall Organizational Strategy.

We were honored to have Mr. Rosmawardi Razali, the group strategy and technology division manager of Telekom Malaysia Berhad to demonstrate a case study on "Balanced Scorecard in Action". On the other hand, we had Mr. Chow of KaizenHR to present the first business track on "Workforce Performance Management" meanwhile the second business track on "The Balanced Scorecard Approach to Strategy-Focused Organizations" by Mr. Ivan Kok of Cetheus MSC.

Over 113 participants from 66 different organizations attended the seminar, we see a good mix of audience comprising of Human Resource Managers, Strategic Planners, Financial Controllers and Key Senior Management Decision Makers. The feedback was excellent with 77% of the evaluations received rating the event as either: very good or excellent!

The event was highly interactive, with many questions, much debate and a lot of networking around the ballroom foyer, the dining hall and our product showcase booths - the organizers had to work hard to keep the packed schedule to time.

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